About Us

Welcome to Post Your Change! This initiative aimed to engage citizens and challenge the silence that often develops between Canadians and their representatives in Parliament. Through community workshops, we created dialogue around issues that we believe are not discussed enough. At these workshops, we created postcards around these issues, which we then sent to members of parliament to ask for changes in our political system.


Who are we?

Post Your Change was the collective product of a lot of individual energies, from those who give their time to create postcards for change, to the organizations that supported our community engagement and political activism. This collaboration was directed by Claire Sieffert. Although Claire has always been enthusiastic about both mail and politics, Post Your Change is the first … Continue reading Who are we?


The National Initiative for Eating Disorders (NIED) was essential in helping PostED get lift-off. This organization graciously shared its great experience in political advocacy around Eating Disorders with Post Your Change, helping us better grasp where the gaps are in Canada’s current policy and how they could be addressed by a national Eating Disorders strategy. We encourage … Continue reading Partners

What do we do?

What was Post Your Change’s mission? Post Your Change aimed to engage both communities and politicians around issues that matter, yet aren’t necessarily being heard, specifically around eating disorders. It was a movement against silence that aimed to promote understanding and dialogue. How did we do this? This mission can be pursued on many paths; … Continue reading What do we do?