PostED was a campaign run by Post Your Change that aimed to break the silence and lack of resources for Eating Disorders in Canada. Through community dialogue and art workshops, we aimed to spread awareness about Eating Disorders, while creating postcards that will then be sent to Canadian Members of Parliament asking for a national Eating Disorders strategy.


Postcard Template

Would you like to send a postcard asking for change in Canada’s eating disorders policy? A postcard has quite a simple equation: paper + image + text + address. Here we try to share how PostED addressed each of these ingredients to create postcards for change. What do we use for paper? A cost-effective way … Continue reading Postcard Template

Why postED?

What is postED? PostED is a campaign run by Post Your Change that seeks change around Eating Disorders in Canada (and beyond…), both in our communities and in our policy. How do we go about doing this, and what kind of changes are we talking about? First, we run workshops in the local community where we encourage participants to … Continue reading Why postED?

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